Need Help Choosing Headphones around $300

I'm pretty naïve when it comes to different headphones and can't afford to spend too much money on audio equipment this season so I was hoping for some insight on what pair of headphones I'd be looking to buy for around $300. Since I'm almost completely unfamiliar with the headphone market around this range, here is basically what I've been looking for with little to no success.

What I'm looking for:
- At or around $300
- Best audio quality for price
- Over-ear closed back
- Need to be portable
- The Bass to not be loud and prominent
- Needs to be durable enough for daily use

- Only for listening to music
- Specifically for Progressive Rock and Classic Rock
- Will be using the portable Mayflower CMOY headphone amp that I have with it
- Comfort isn't too big of a deal
- I won't buy used headphones
- I hope to have good isolation between different parts in the music I listen to

If anyone has any idea on what I could be looking at, some insight would be very helpful. The more options I'd have to look at the better, and if I need to clarify anything I'd be more than willing to elaborate.

Hey, I would recommend the AudioTechnica ATHM50RD, I use these and am a pretty big audiophile. I find these are excellent, with great sound and bass. They also very comfy in my opinion (head size matters i guess lol) and the noise isolation isn't the best but you wont hear people if music is playing only in between songs or pauses.

I'm looking for headphones in a completely different price range and that aren't discontinued and I'm also not looking for good bass, I don't want to have to eq out the bass.


$300 is alot of money for headphones, and almost anything in that price range will be fantastic. What have you used in the past and liked? What have you used in the past and DIDN'T like?
I use Sennheiser HD518s, which are like $80. I think they sound great and really wouldn't spend more than that...
So I really won't be able to help pick them as much as help other help you pick them. All companies and all headphones have their own flavor, and if you want help we need to get an idea of what flavors you like.

Also why closed back? They sound so...two dimensional

Beyerdynamic Dt770 PRO is probably your best choice...but again, without prior knowledge of what you like in a headphone..who knows!

I have a pair of sennheiser HD 558s and I like them a lot, I also have a pair of sennheiser momentum in ear headphones that I REALLY like. I only want to get open back headphones because I'll be using them in public and don't want to bother people with loud music and don't want to hear people talking through the music. Honestly I'm all for open back headphones, It's just around people I don't want to be rude and I normally listen to music pretty loud especially when I'm trying to listen to a specific part. I'm not necessarily a sennheiser fan, I just have heard a lot of things about those particular headphones that I liked and I enjoy them very much.


$200 of MD leaves $100 to invest in a different AMP or DAC or just buy some beer?