Need help choosing a gpu!

I am getting a radeon hd 7970 ghz edition 3gb card, but I have been having some difficulties on choosing which one is the better card. here are 3 links to cards that I have been considering.

I know the xfx card is more expensive, but It comes with a free crisis 3 and they all come with 3 games, so with the xfx I get 4 games. so considering they are all in about the same price range, I just want to know which is the best card or if you find another better card that would be cool too. thanks for all the help.

You can get two 7950s for about the same price right now, I would go that route as long as your PSU can handle it.

what would be the advantages  of that? and disadvantages if there are any. im either getting  a 750w psu btw.


You can run three 7950s on a good 750W PSU. Running a crossfire configuration will give you a huge performance and productivity boost.

More importantly, it is a better alternative to the 7970GHz. Considering the fact that a decent 7950 will overclock to the performance of an overclocked 7970GHz.

On top of that, there are new AMD graphics cards being announced this month. So I would advise waiting.

I agree with Berserker. Get 2 7950's and run them in Crossfire. Yes, you'll have to use a second PCIe slot, but it'll last much longer (especially if one card dies). Wait until the announcement of the 9 series cards and you could save even more money.

I'm getting the HiS 7970 and I will oc it to about 1300-1400 mHz core clock, do you really think an HiS 7950 will beat that? Also, if you get a 7970, you have room to upgrade in the future, right?

What would you advice? I think on getting the HiS 7970 and then a year or so from now I'll get another 7970 and go BF4 on Eyefinity with smooth FPS

While that's not bad as a long term plan, you've got to ask yourself, is the computer just for gaming, and are you going to want any other, more demanding games such as WatchDogs? I know no requirements have been released for the PC version of WatchDogs, but assume it's going to need at least the same level of power as BF4, if not more considering it's a modern engine running a large scale model of Chicago in full HD with multiple dynamic elements such as NPCs, vehicles etc. If you plan on capturing footage / rendering, getting 2 slightly slower cards is way better than a single more powerful card, the same as with Multi-core CPUs versus Single Core.

thanks for all the help from everyone. i think i will be getting 2 7950's. unless someone else can change my mind