Need help choosing a cheaper mobo

the ASUS P8Z77-V LGA

is there any cheaper motherboard than the one I have chosen with my roomate (I have to share the computer)

He has some requirements (3 sata 6/gbs and 2 front header usb 3.0 pci-3.0 ASUS ASUS ASUS!)

That being said any cheaper board than the one shown as an example?

May i just ask why it has to be an Asus? Because I'm not a big fan of fanboys.

IDK he just say's they're high quality

The "ASUS P8Z77-V LGA" has 4 Sata 6gb/s ports & INTEL Lan chipset & Wireless Lan onboard

The "ASUS P8Z77-V LK LGA" has 2 Sata 6gb/s ports & the standard RealTek Lan chipset

The main reason the non-LK model costs more is the far higher-end LAN/WLAN chips by intel which are included (only found as standard very high-end motherboards, suhc as the Asus Maximus/Crosshair). The sata ports are trivial and unless you're running more than 2 SSDs off of your motherboard then you wont necessarily need the extra 6gb/s ports the non-LK models provide. If you/your roommate still need the extra 6gb/s ports then you'll have to either pony up the extra cash on the higher end model or find a non-Asus brand to go with (which I highly doubt since your friend here is dead-set on getting an Asus board.).

we're RAID 10'ing it so needing 4 sata 6gbs.


yeah not bickering about finding a cheaper motherboard just wanted to know if there was anything cheaper

Asrock, made by ex-asus people. Good quality boards, and more robust features for cheaper. Just look at an unboxing to make sure it has all the cables you need (they are a tad chincy in that respect).

Pretty sure it doesnt have a front USB header for 3.0, but truthfully I have never used mine.... ever.