Need help choosing a case

Hi guys, I've been tearing my hair out trying to find a decent case that has room for the 2 NZXT Kraken X41s that I'm using in my system (one on the CPU, one on the GPU via a Kraken G10)

Ideally I'd like to stick with the M-ATX board that I've got, but i'd be willing to go m-Itx if i can also get a recommendation on a decent sub £120 headset to replace my Xonar Xense PC350. (that currently requires its paired soundcard to get any decent bass/volume in general)

But anyway, heres a list that I'm looking for in the case:

Must have room for 2 push+pull X41s, both intake, both filtered

Should also be a horizontal motherboard. (like the Xigmatek Aquila that Wendell reviewed a while back but without the need to cut a hole into the motherboard tray for the CPU's AIO backplate)

At least 1 3.5" HDD mount, and either space for 2 2.5" SSDs or just somewhere hidden for them to go.

Optical drive mount is optional.


Thanks in advance guys.

I'm not sure that was helpful  lol

I can tell you I want a

Fractal Design Define R4 w/Window (Black Pearl) ATX Mid Tower Case ... because they are quiet & good dust filtration

or an NZXT H440 ... has no optical mount

other than that it is personal preference like Kai was trying to say 

I used to have a Define R4, but i found it much too big (it sits on my desk and there's no space below for it to sit)

I'm currently using a Corsair 350D but my main problems are the fact that I have a Zalman LQ320 on my CPU, and a Kraken x40 on my GPU with the kraken g10 mount, and the combined weight causes the card to sag downward, even with a front + back plate. So I'd ideally want a horizontal motherboard so the card doesnt do that.

The other issue is the LQ320 can't fit in the upper front fan mount above the x40's radiator, and i'm thus forced to mount it in the top. causing my cpu cooling to suffer as the hot air from the GPU rad goes right to the CPU rad.


Heres a pic for context

If you are looking for something small, take a look at the Corsair 350D. I don't know if everything will fit, but a 240mm raditor in the top is no problem.

Watch this:

Hope this helps!