Need help choosing a B450 motherboard

Hey everyone!
I’m having hard time choosing a right B450 motherboard. CPU that I have is ryzen5 2600, GPU is ASUS GTX 1060 3gb.
I’m not really planning to overclock it wildly (maybe just a bit, or don’t go for that at all), and I don’t care about RGB lights.
I need motherboard to handle memory overclocking, somewhere up to 3200-3466 MHz. Planning to use two 16gb sticks (need it to be both a gaming and a working station)
What I’m currently looking at is Gigabyte AORUS B450 Pro and MSI B450 TOMAHAWK. Both have their ups and downs which makes it really hard for me to decide.
Any suggestions which is better?

This is not a problem bow anyway. The CPUs know what they are up to better and faster than we do, so manual over clocking Gen2 Ryzen is almost not as good as just letting the Precision Boost Overdrive donuts own thing. It will not do anything crazy and will adjust itself when it can to give a but more speed.

Sorry other than that I can’t help.