Need help: Cheap DDoS protection?

I am currently creating my first game server which is java based and as you might have guessed multiplayer. Everything is going fine portforwarded and all that jazz.

I hugely prefer running it from home but need DDoS protection to protect my Internet access and the server. To put it short and sweet, DDoS protection for an IP/Name record which runs both an webserver(port 80) and the gameserver(port 200). Now I don't know if it is going to be an success so I am looking for reall cheap DDoS protection which should be possible seeing all those providers renting VPS's with DDoS protection for way cheaper than I can find standalone.


Bassically I want full hardware access to my own server in my home which has DDoS protection through a thrid party which goes to my DNS record.(which I may or may not buy from the DDoS mitigation service providers)


Ussually a quick google search solves my problems but this seems harder to find than my ussual answers. I guess it might not be possible and I might have to resort to an VPS or and dedicated server hosted by a hosting company.

 My price range for something like a service would probally be $0 to $20 a month. If it's just hardware I need to buy I can go higher to something like $200 but would prefer cheap as possible but yet effective.

Thanks in advance,

P.S.: Sorry for my terrible English, I'm not a native to 'Murica or any other English speaking country

For the web server (assuming its not like a custom modified version of HTTP to support your game) you can use CloudFlare. For a game server, things get a little bit more difficult. What you could do is rent a super cheap VPS from somewhere with DDoS protection, and then connect that VPS to your network via VPN, then set it up to forward port 200 to the server's IP on your internal network. Not the greatest solution but it's an option.

The only thing you can do is get a VPS/Dedi with DDoS protection.