Need help changing keyboard layout on locked down Mac

Hello all, I need help with something, ASAP. So my school gives out laptops for use in class, but of course they lock it all down so that we cannot mess with their system. I use Dvorak (recent convert) but this laptop even prohibits use of the keyboard control panel, so I cannot use what I am comfortable with using. Is there possibly any way to change layouts through the cmd? I have no clue where to start, and have already been on google to try and resolve my problem, but to no I came here to access the huge amount of knowledge on the forums.

TL;DR Any way to bypass the lockdown and change my keyboard layout to Dvorak?

Sorry. Helping Bypass restrictions set by school, governments, etc is against the ToC of TS.

Understandable. I suppose I will just continue the search on my own!

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Yeah if it was your own equipment sure. But it's your school's, some can be strict about messing with their stuff and could hurt your education.

In saying that, have you asked them? IT are somtiems flexible, espeicaly if your on their good side .

Failing that. What stops you using your own hardware?

Maybe i dont understand but can't you not just plug in a different keyboard?
I mean af course a special Dvorak Keyboard or that not a option? @Ragnorok

I have tried to get an administrator of the network to try and let me access the settings, but they didn't want me to be treated specially. I would just bring my own laptop and be done with it, however it needs a new battery, otherwise it just needs to be plugged in 24/7, so I'm practically just stuck with this thing.

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I could do that, yeah! I just don't have the funds to get a special keyboard for it at the moment, or at least I haven't found a cheap one.

27 dollar is that cheap? i just randomly search one and found one one ebay so i just clicked it. Wanted to try it out for myself one day and now what the fuss surrounding this Dvorak is :p

Ah! I haven't looked on ebay honestly haha, since I have prime shipping for amazon I was looking on there only. That's a pretty good price honestly. I have only started making the switch because I hope to be going into game programming so I would like to use a layout that would help me in the long run.

They don't want you treated specially yet I'm willing to bet this administration supports people identifying as another sex. Personally I'm a dick and I'd use something like that as leverage to get it changed if the nice way doesn't work.

Yeah, most likely. I just want to change my layout damnit.

Seriously I don't understand how they have a problem with that after asking nicely.

I really don't even know what the deal is with it all.

Who exactly have you talked to to get this done?

This is really how school admins work and probably if he uses his own gear and he gets issues with network or something and ask for help he gets to hear that he isn't using school classified laptop and that they don't support that.

Curiosity and openmindnes are forbidden these days on school property! :p