Need help buying a editing laptop!

I am not sure if this is the correct place to post this. Anyways! What I needed help with is, I will be starting college soon and I am going into a video production style of program (there are other things included in there, web design, etc.). I also make YouTube videos on the side as a hobby and wanted to continue doing it while in school. So what I need is a video editing laptop, to do work on whenever I have time between classes. I know what you need for video editing, lots of RAM, good CPU, etc. All these things come at a great cost and that is where my problem is... I don't want to spend over $1000 on a laptop just to edit simple videos. I also would like a laptop with an ssd, I can buy an external hdd to transfer things between it and my PC at home, also I would like it not to be too big, if it is big but has a good price, I don't mind. I know plenty of people will tell me to go Apple but I have never used their products and I'm not really a huge fan of it.


Thank you for the help!


Edit: My program will involve me working with all sorts of editing programs and operating systems. So I will take Apple suggestions as well. Also I live in Canada so most prices will be higher than the states and harder to find.

Take a look at this its < $1000 has an i7 and a 1 TB HDD

Thanks for the suggestion! It seems like a very solid laptop. I did forget to mention one thing, I live in Canada and here it's $1200 from amazon. I thought of something though. In my class I will have to use Apple products and their editing softwares and such, so I may consider picking up an Apple product, if you can think of any good ones, please let me know!

Apple is going to mean less hardware per dollar unfortunately. you budget is going to leave you with an option like this ( not bad but not quite the specs as the last laptop)

If you are feeling adventitious maybe you might consider a hackntosh

I have no problem turning my PC into a hackntosh but a laptop seems like too much work lol. That MacBook Pro seems pretty good. It doesn't have an i7 but my own PC doesn't have one and I still edit videos extremely quickly. I'm not picky when it comes to i5s and i7s. I might just pick this one up unless something with similar specs comes along and is cheaper. Anyways, thank you so much for your help, I may even look for a used one since this won't be my main system and just something for a hobby.

No problem! always glad to help. Good luck with your new computer and school.