Need help building PC

Hey guys, 


Can you build me a PC with under $1000 Australian dollars with this website 

As i am new to PC and would like to ascend.


What kind of pc are you wanting to build?  One for gaming?  Or just doing regular stuff?

gaming thanks

man I hate oz prices... but that should do the trick...

Ok.  It's a bit over $1000.  Building a decent gaming rig on a budget is hard.  I always want to get better and better stuff.  But here's what I came up with.  I suggest you wait for a few others to chime in before you make any final decisions.  I've been up since 5am and am pretty tired so I hope it's ok.

I suggest you check some prices at if they are close by to you.  They do some pretty good prices.

-includes monitor & os

pcpartpicker misses loads of stock that local vendors have. OP what city you in?

nickkiwi, do you need OS and or peripherals? (monitor, keyboard and mouse)

If not, here's my suggestion:

AMD FX-6300 6-core CPU

Decent 970 chipset mobo for some mild overclocking (if you want)

8GB CL8 1600 dual channel RAM

120GB SSD for OS and other main programs/apps + 1TB HDD for games and media

Decent looking case (subjective, I know)

Good quality 600W 80+ bronze PSU

R9-280X graphics card which will max out anything and everything


Another option: FX-8320 8-core without SSD:

Don't take this the wrong way but this seems very unbalanced for a budget gaming build. You've got a more expensive higher-end non-overclockable CPU with a liquid cooler on a very expensive Z87 motherboard and an entry-level graphics card. 

Where there is a budget, performance per dollar is key and should take precedence, IMO. Expensive motherboards and liquid coolers won't contribute anything towards performance the end user will experience.

Please note, I'm not trying to center you out, I'm just trying to be constructive and helpful. ;) 


Intel options: 

Core i3 with SSD:

Core i5 without SSD:


Pretty similar to MEC-777's build. I like corsair's power supply. I have two that are super quiet. And then of course for a 8350 upgrade on the cpu fan is a must. Could skip out on windows to fit the budget. SSD can wait. Liquid cooling can wait until you're ready to overclock.

An 8 8350 will not work on that motherboard, 4 CPU power phases is too little to support an 8 core CPU, even though Asrock says it will work, it won't

Fixed. Thanks for that catch! I took off windows to fit the budget. But if you HAVE to have it then dropping to a fx 6300 or 8320 and should bring you back down.

With windows:

The 6+2 phase is still a bit iffy but should work as long as there is no OC, 8+2 is usually what you want for an FX 83x0 processor

No, you are right.  I don't do many budget builds I have to admit.  Looking at it again this morning I'm wondering what I was thinking last night!  I guess that's what happens after over 18 hours without sleep.  ;)

Digi+ 6+2 power phase design.  It's the same one as on the 99fx Pro and 99x evo.  Pistol uses the 99fx pro r2.0 with a 9590.  It should be just fine.

This might make a better build than my previous suggestion, and it's within your budget. 

Would not go with this.  Old CPU architecture that was incredibly toasty and inefficient.

Really?  Had personal experience with them?  I don't normally go for AMD, but being that it's for a budget rig..  The specs didn't look too bad to me.

sorry for the late reply and sorry for such a brief description as it was late last night.

I don't need key board or mouse, i already have an operating system and monitor, i already have a case and i dont need a CD drive.

I live in adelaide, Australia and hoping to buy from a store called MSY (its looks like a dodgy store but this is the cheapest price is adelaide) 

sorry guys if im being a bit difficult but cheers for the help

It was especially apparent with the eight core CPUs.  Since that motherboard is relatively weak and won't really support a CPU upgrade, going with the 760k on the FM2(+) platform will yield same or better performance at a lower price.

Quick google search shows that the Zambezi architecture isn't the best.