Need help building my Gaming PC

Hey, i am new to the world of PC gaming so i need help building my PC

Just some info

     -my planned budget is around $1500 or less

     -My case i just bought is the NZXT Phantom 820

     -I wan to use the CPU Intel Core i5-4670K Haswell(or what ever i5 is best)

     -I want to use a liquid CPU cooler

     -I need to get a new OS preferable  Windows 7

That's pretty much it. if you could help me get me an awesome PC for my budget i would really appreciate it! If you could give links to them, that would be great. Thanks for your help!!

1) 1525$ build without OS - 4670k + 2x280x + kraken x60

2) 1550$ build with Windows 7 - 4670k+ 290x(gets hot) + kraken x60

3) 1383$ build with Windows 7 - 4670k+ 2x270x + kraken x60

4) 1570$ build with Windows 7 - 4670k+ 2x280x + noctua NH-D14

Build 1 and 4 are the best when it comes to performance but are slightly over your budget. Build 4 does not have water cooling but that monster of a cooler will give you about the same results, only problem is it's huge size but it will fit you phantom. Build 1 does not have an OS but it has water cooling. You should be able to reach the overclocking limit of that 4670k with both that noctua or that kraken just to be clear, it all comes to the price and the aspect of the build.

Build 2 is slightly less powerful than 1 and 3 and has an OS but that card will get pretty hot so you will have to get some good case fans, but you have room to add another one in the future if you want to.

Build 3 is the only one under the budget, it will max out any game at 1080p but you will have problems if you want to game at 1440p or 4k.




quick build. non-modular psu as there is a shit ton of room to hide extra cables behind the mb tray. no monitor included as you didnt specify.

Wasn't sure if you wanted:

- to overclock

- to include the $200 case into the 1.5k budget

- to get peripherals/monitors

Something relatively quick I put together:

I'm thinking i like 1 the best sense the OS isn't that expensive. But the power supply isn't it better to get 80 Plus Gold? 

I'm considering this build and your link, which one is better?