Need help building my first pc

I’m going to be streaming, making videos (using after affects/premiere pro), and making websites.

I’ll be mostly playing League of Legends but I want a computer that can play things like titan fall and battlefield 3 smoothly. I want 100+ frames with everything on medium while playing league.

Needs to have a good cooling system and Wi-Fi and an ssd would be nice if it fits into the budget.

My budget is $1300

Do you need an OS?

yea windows 7

This is what I suggest



Both of those look really good. If you go AMD you can spend alot of money on uping the graphics and other things, if you go intel you will have less for it. Just decide which you want :)

Thanks! I think i'll go with AMD. Btw which one is better for multitasking

No, not that good. Aircooling is a very good option, you dont need 16 gigs for gaming, get a quality ssd. With that kind of budget you should running at least a 770 780 290 290x.

I would go with water cooling only because based on personal experience water cooled runs cooler and quieter than air cooled and as far as the GPU goes I think the 280x will be more than adequate for this particular build And imo theres not enough of a difference between the 280x and 290 to spend $60 more  but this is just my opinion feel free to pick which ever seems good to you and also depends on wether your planning on running more than one monitor and at what res.

In my experience. water cooling is more expensive and louder than air coolers, unless you replace the fan and get one with a good pump.

Oh yea i forgot to add a monitor to the list. I also need a keyboard and a gaming mouse. 

If you can scrape by with a cheap mouse and keyboard for now, that is a good chunk of change to go into something more necessary.

What if im streaming and playing, or what if i get crazy and stream while playing while watching another stream. Would 8gigs be good enough for all of that?

A cheap keyboard if fine but i need a gaming mouse with extra buttons for keybindings

Updated list 

had to change some things to fit the game performance will still be the same but had to get rid of a few things let me know what you think 

Looks good. But I'm willing to pay the extra for liquid cooling so i'll go for the one you had before. Any ideas for a cheaper monitor?

Here's an updated list changed a few things like the case because the other case did not support dual 120mm fan watercooler also changed the monitor and added an ssd as boot drive and to put essenial software on ( dont  suggest putting games onto or it will get full very easily) let me know if you need anything else changed/added

Does the monitor come with a chord. Like HDMI or VGA connector. I think ill go for a mechanical keyboard first then buy the gaming mouse some time later.

Extra ram is always something easy to add later should you need it. Kind of like an ssd. Nice to have but you can always add later. The core strength of the build is usually the first concern.

Ah ok, i get you. So can you recommend a better graphics card and remove the ssd

And lastly a tutorial video showing me how to put all of this together