NEED help building gaming PC

Hello my name is chicken and im new to the community a friend told me about this site and it look sick!

I'm getting my first built computer and i need your guys help to make me one.This computer is mainly for gaming like call of duty/LOL/battlefield and many other and also movies and homework. My budget is 750-850

Hopefully you guys can help me out! If you guys have any question leave me a message

My suggestions would be these:



If you want to play games like Arma or DayZ, i would definiadly choose the intel, otherwise the AMD option is good. Keep in mind, that the intel build is not overclockable, since it has a H97 motherboard and a locked CPU, but for most people that is not a problem. The AMD option can be easily overclocked if you feel the need for it :)

Also, the R9 280 will absolutely destroy a GTX 750ti and can handle 1080p gaming with high/ultra settings with average FPS of nearly 60.

Hope this helped :)

uh thx im really bad at computer so i have no idea what overcockable and other thing you just said sadly. maybe you can explain to me:) and by the way i mess up on my budget it suppose go $850 add anything to intel or AMd to make it much better and i will decided which one to get! THX for the help!

Overclock means that you up the ghz of the cpu to get better performance. However you need to be cautious that you get an after market heatsink so it handles with the extra heat that is given of.

A coolermaster Hyper 212 oe 212 evo should be fine for any moderate ocing but for intense go with something bigger such as Noctua or a water cooler

Only thing i would change is the GPU to a R9 280X from both builds :)

What actually is the difference because they all have around the same clock speeds as far as im aware

R9 280 is a rebranded HD 7950 and the R9 280X is a rebranded HD 7970


CAN YOU HELP ME ADD THE IN THE changes want to make this the BEST! yee

go with either of hoocee12 build with the R9 280X

If you plan on Ocing in the future then AMD 

If you just want gaming and that then Intel


and yo he forgot to put in which windows can you help me put it in:) and check if there any missing part

If you plan on Ocing in the future then AMD 

If you just want gaming and that then Intel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And stop being so aggressive with your comments we are trying to help you

uh relax man idk what is ocing..... that why i ask you making me scared


Like i explaind before it is overclocking

Overclock means that you up the ghz of the cpu to get better performance

OK Im go with intel but can you help me add in the windows he didnt do that add in window 7


There you go happy we could help

Sorry its this one it has the 280X and i believe 3 free games from NEWEGG worth $150