Need help building Gaming PC (first time)

Trying to build a good PC for around 500-650 dollars. Never done this before, but eager to learn. Not hoping to play games on ULTRA, just hoping to play the games comfortably with no lag or low fps. This is my set-up so far. Any suggestions or improvements please inform me because I don't know if this is good or even compatible with each other.

Updated PC Build 


Won't have enough money to purchase a operating system, but I've heard of some that are free like Linux and Ubuntu. And then I'll get windows later on. 

Again, help or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Do you think that I would be able to run most games on medium or high with a stable frame rate? Thanks for feedback, new to PC gaming.

Looks like a sound system to me. You have a decent balance between components, and have left room to upgrade them in the case that you want to.

I do have to mention, that if you will be upgrading your GPU to something more within the $300 range, you'll be seeing a bottleneck with your processor, even though it's a quad core system. You'll eventually want to kick it up to maybe an Intel Core i5 or AMD FX-6xxx solution in later revisions to ensure a lower possibility of bottlenecking your graphics card.

Hope that helped.

i usually recommend amd but prices are up

thanks for your reply!

Can you please explain to me what "bottleneck" is? Also, do you think that the graphics card is a good choice because I honestly didn't know what to use for that. Any recommendations? 

Here is what I'd do: 

I know you don't care about playing things on ultra, but spending less than $180 on a GPU if you're using it for gaming is just a bad route... get a 760, r9 270, or 7870 GHz edition, whatever's cheapest... you're also likely not going to want to upgrade your CPU any time soon if you're buying one now, so I wouldn't recommend to anybody to get less than an AMD 6300... (i5 and i7 are awesome but way out of budget)

This is a half-way decent gaming PC that isn't completely oudated the second you hook it up:

Much less than that and you're shooting yourself in the foot with a $500-600 bullet

yea but the only place that card's in stock at it's $299

Thanks everyone for your help, updated my PC rig