Need help building a PC

Hey guys, I've been using a Macbook Pro 15" for the past two years to do schoolwork on and also to play WoW. Lately I've been having FPS issues and "studderstep" lag in-game. I've been wanting to go back to Windows and would like to build a Desktop. Price range would be up to $1000. I would like it to run windows 7 OS and also a 120hz monitor thrown in. 8gigs of RAM minimum. And would like it to run WoW nicely would no lag. I just have never done this kind of thing before so if anyone knows a build or could help, thank you in advance!

Forgot to add, I live in the US

I'm currently assuming you only need an operating system, monitor, and tower hardware.  There's someone selling plenty of Windows licenses on the buy/sell/trade forum for cheap.

As for the monitor, 120/144hz is nice, but it's PRICY, especially at this budget.

I'm also not sure if you want to overclock.  This build isn't really optimized for overclocking.

Did my best to get that 144hz panel in there.

Honestly, I do not know what over clocking is. And what would you suggest, 120hz or 144hz? If 120hz is cheaper and will do enough for my needs I would be ok with just that. I only asked for 120hz due to my current computer used to run at 85-105fps on WoW and it'd cause a bunch of screen tearing due to only a 60hz monitor since it is a laptop. Also, all the parts on that link, does that include everything I would need? Sorry i am a noob at this stuff :p

Well, 120hz monitors aren't common.  144hz is a lot more common, and usually 120hz monitors are a 144hz/120hz combination.  120Hz is usually for those who slow their 144hz monitor refresh rate, or are super lucky and get a monitor with a scalar that overclocks well.

Overclocking is basically running hardware faster than it's original intended specifications.  This is usually for enthusiasts or hardware geeks who like to fiddle around with hardware.  This requires a relatively high end motherboard(which comes with a higher cost), a nice aftermarket cooler(which adds to the cost), and an unlocked processor(which also adds to the cost).  Some believe that the added cost is worth the fun and performance increase, while others don't see the logic in that.  It's up to you, really.

I don't play LoL or WoW, but I do play plenty of other games that can implement an FPS cap.  For example, my monitor is 60hz.  For Source Engine games, I'm able to easily put in a startup command that limits the framerate to 121fps.  No screen tearing.  Of course, you need a system capable of pushing (2 * Hz + 1) for a consistent experience.

That system should include everything except:

Operating system(as stated, there's someone selling keys on the buy/sell/trade forum for cheap.)  You will need to download the .iso directly from microsoft.  You will then need a DvD or USB (8GB+) to plug into the new computer and install windows with.

If you do go with the DvD route, you will need an optical disc drive.  The cheapest Lite-On, Samsung, or Asus drive will work perfectly fine.  If you need an optical drive for anything else, pick one up.  They should be around 15 bucks or under.

You will need a mouse and keyboard, as well as speakers/headphones/microphone.  Depends on what you really use.

This currently has no WiFi capabilities.  You'll need to add in a card for that.  I suggest the Intel 7260.  It does have an ethernet port on the motherboard, so you can connect it up to your internet through a cable.

Do you have a suggestion on speakers? anything would work for me tbh, i usually use my phones headphones to listen to the game/everything else, but don't know if they'd work with this. also thanks a lot for the help so far

also is it possible to throw in a cooling unit into that build? i don't know if it'd be ok to downgrade the video card or anything for that though, i just know i would like to have one due to my home/room usually being pretty toasty

The Hyper 212 Evo is very good and very cheap. As for speakers forget those. Just get a decent pair of headphones. You'll be much happier that way. 

I'm curious would that fit into the tower with everything else in there? (noob) :)

also would the hyper 212 Evo prevent any overheating? i do not plan on doing any over clocking

It should fit just fine and it shouldn't overheat even with the stock cooler. But the Evo will insure it doesn't. 

alright thank you, also is the video card sometechnoob suggested a bit overkill since I'm only going to be doing school work/playing WoW?

Here's another option... it's $30 over budget, and I can't really find anything to knock off of it to get it down, so I'm not going to try... but it includes a K-series processor (overclockable, which you may or may not want to experiment with later even though you know nothing about it currently, you'll have the OPTION) , much better motherboard, aftermarket cooler (a lot of people recommend the Hyper 212 EVO... I prefer for a few bucks more the Enermax... it cools slightly better, is easier to install, and has higher quality construction), and SSD... the only thing that's downgraded is the 144hz monitor which isn't necessary in my opinon...

If you want to get rid of screen tearing, turn on triple buffered vsync... does 144hz look smoother? yes... is that worth sacrificing your computer's balance? Not IMHO... The monitor I picked out isn't the greatest thing ever but it's 1080p, LED backlit, and 2ms response time... it's not a bad option considering you get an unlocked chip with a nice motherboard, aftermarket cooler and nice ---->****SSD****<---

To answer your question... the 290 will murder 1080p... yes, it is overkill for WOW... but graphics cards are a breed that progress quickly, and the 290 is a really good price... it's overkill enough that it leaves room for games to advance without you needing to think about an upgrade for a long time... could you get something cheaper that would work? Of course... but it's at a price point where you can afford it, so why not splurge a bit?

Regardless, these are the kinds of things you can look into if you don't buy that ridiculous monitor :)

Something like this > then just add any old kb & mouse. Included wifi, obviously use a cabled connection if you can.

Also grab a windows serial off the chap here on the forum for cheap. Much cheaper than retail & oem packs.

Hey I'm curious about the monitor you suggested. Some of my friends said that acer isn't the best product. (could be from acer laptops but idk). any words of wisdom?

I've got nothing against Acer.

My $300 2011 Acer laptop is still alive and rockin just fine.