Need help building a new pc

I have around a 500-600$ budget to build the best gaming pc i possibly can, all suggestions will be GREATLY appreciated :)

Thank you and have a nice holiday



could you provide additional Information?

Do you already have an os key or should it be included in those 500-600$?

Where do you live?

Do you have any old parts you could use?

Do you have any other preferances?

Do you need an optical drive?

etc... I think there is a sticky for that stuff...

Oh wait, here it is.


Anyways, with mail in rebates, no windows and in the USA

this should be in your budged and do ultra 1080p just fine

If you are o.k. with overclocking your cpu you should spend a little

on a better mobo, a proper cpu cooler and get a cheaper fx 6300 instead.