Need help building a audio editing rig

My father wants me to build him an audio rig for his studio. I've built video editing and gaming rigs, but this area is a little new to me.
He wants (at some point) 2 monitors, so i know i'll need a graphics card, but i'm only familiar with high end ones.
He has a mixing board with 20+ input lines. it also has a USB connection and the manual states that it was designed to work with cubase.
I am going to use one of the fractal design silent cases. The case will be in the same room as the microphones.
Budget is $300-400 USD, might be willing to go a little higher if need be. I am not partial to AMD or Intel for CPUs and the same goes for Nvidia and AMD for GPUs.
I'm kinda out of my comfort zone when i'm not building a high end rig. Does anyone have any ideas for parts?

since there wont be any gaming or heavy video editing, is it possible that you could use an APU instead of a GPU?

Actually, as @Azeral suggests, an A10 (maybe an A8?) should do it on the right motherboard. This is good because you're going to want discrete sound in an audio editing rig.

plus, it will also save a good chunk of your budget for other stuff

I could, but would need to upgrade latter. h haven't seen any mobos with two video outs for multi monitor setups. he doesn't need it right away, but i would prefer to not have to upgrade for a while.

Here. Just over $400, will output to 2 monitors. Should be more than fast enough, has a discrete sound card even.

i believe this one has two outs
btw its an amd mobo

Might want to keep an eye on silence if it's going to be in a studio, get something that doesn't run too hot CPU wise, grab an aftermarket cooler and then just keep it at low RPMs.
SSD boot drive is a given, if you can get it in that budget.
@Azeral, no, that's a H97 board?!

You pretty much just described the PCP list I posted.

Haha, yep, that's pretty much hit the nail on the head there. I was about to go put something together myself but it probably wouldn't be much different.

$405, is really really tight, the lowest I could get it. But I think it can do the audio editing across 2 screens just fine.

I like that build, but do i really need a sound card? Logan said in multiple vids that soundcards don't normally help and the on-board sound is normally better.
do you think that a water cooler for the cpu is really needed without overclocking?
a D-Sub output would have reduced resolution wouldn't it?

Yes, it wouldn't have great resolution on monitor #2, but it'd be decent. That's one of the compromises you make with a) an APU and b) a $400 build.

As far as the sound card, Logan's right in general but I think he was speaking to gamers more than audio editors. Beyond even that, your most common inexpensive AMD APU mobo will have RealTek as the onboard sound, which is to be avoided at all costs (I know firsthand.)

shoot it was, you could go intel with it

Any ideas for software for a ZOOM HD16 that doesn't cost at least $100?

Make another topic? Entirely different question, that. Belongs in the software/audio section probably. Would get better info there, chances are.

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