Need Help Building a $1000 Gaming Pc

Hey guys, So I was planning on building a new gaming pc for about a $1000 (+/-40) I really don't know what to go with an asus 280x or an evga 770 2gb. I do already have a i7 4790k that I got at microcenter for $279. You'll have to take that $279 into account for the overall budget.and I am getting the asus z97-a motherboard because It's only $119 for me. Btw I already have a 2tb hard drive and a 250gb ssd so you don't need to add storage in the build. Here's what I was thinking of getting -


Your link doesn't work. That said I think that this build covers everything you need:

Although, you never said if you needed windows or not, so that might have to be changed around a bit. An R9 290 is vastly superior to both an R9 280x or a GTX 770.

Sorry, I think this link should work and no i don't need a OS. 



Oh ok, that link does work. Still, I think it would be worthwhile to pick up an R9 290 instead of a 280x even if that means delaying installing a water cooling unit.

Comparison between 280x and 290: