Need help bios

I just built my first pc yesterday. Having problems when i start up the pc. It keeps booting into bios instead of going straight into windows. I have to go to boot menu and pick the hardrive i think? To start up windows. Also on a side not when i start it up it keeps saying cpu fan error but the fans are working. The mother board is the asus m5a97 le r2.0

Be sure that the CPU fan is connected to the header marked as being for the CPU. Be sure that the controller method is set to either PWM (for 4 pin connector) or Voltage (for 3 pin connector).

Looking through the manual I can not see anything to suggest that it should go straight into the BIOS unless the failed detection of a CPU fan is causing it...?

You could try playing with the boot menu and placing the HDD/SSD with your OS on as the first boot device.

lol ok so i jot got home from work and tried checking the connection like you suggested and everything works now. the way the labaeling was on the MB it looked like the cpu fan was on the left next to the text but when i checked again and looked in the manual i noticed it was in the middle of the 3 connectors near the cpu and not the left like it looked. all is well it now goes straight into windows. thank you very much! so now i can enjoy my pc that I built! a great feeling knowing i was able to do it. thanks again