Need Help about the 7870

Hi fellow Teks

I have been a long time lurker first time poster. So since black friday just happend and I missed most of the deals :(. I still went ahead and build myself a new computer. Since my 6year old AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ Windsor 3.0GHz and 8800GT cant keep up anymore  Rest in peace you have given me lots of joy.. 
So now that thats over with here is my question (Spec. below) I want to run Crossfire but am not sure if its possible to use different brands from different retailers since the Sapphire I purchased is currently out of stock.
I already bought x1 Sapphire 7870(Core clock - 1050MHz | Memory Cloc 1200MHz (4.8Gbps) |Stream Processors - 1280 Stream Processors) since it came in a bundle and am looking to buy either the 
XFX 7870Core clock - 1000MHz | Memory Cloc 1200MHz (4.8Gbps) |Stream Processors - 1280 Stream Processors
HIS IceQ 7870 Core clock - 1000MHz | Memory Cloc 1200MHz (4.8Gbps) |Stream Processors - 1280 Stream Processors
ASUS 7870Core clock - 1000MHz | Memory Cloc 1200MHz (4.8Gbps) |Stream Processors - 1280 Stream Processors

so in conclusion is it possible to use to different brands? If so are these cards worth getting or should I just wait till the Sapphire 7870 comes back on sell.

Thanks in advance!

side note - sorry for the wall of text and bad english(its not my first language) 

MY RIG(ordered but not build),
Case | Corsair Carbide Series 400R
Mobo | ASUS M5A99FX PRO R2.0
CPU | AMD FX-8350 Vishera 4.0GHz
Cooling | Cirsair H100
Ram | G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 16GB (1866)
PSU | Rosewill 1000W 80Plus Bronze Certified 
VGA | Sapphire 7870 GHz Edition 2GB
Monitor | Acer 24" 5ms LED

That is exactly what I'm building right now!

As far as I know you can't place different graphic cards into SLI/Crossfire, but then again I'm not much of an expert. 

Off topic: Once you assemble it i want to know: How is that water cooling working out for you? Are you satisfied or do you wish you had chosen something else? How are you satisfied with the rig?

Hi paleozoik,

as soon as I build it ill post the results her. i went a little overkill with the cooling the h80i(single fan) should be just fine.

i also posted this on Toms Hardware and a couple of posters said that it would work using different brands as long as its a 7870.

here is the link

From what I've read, crossfire is for AMD and you can use different cards but SLI is for Nvidia and needs matching cards.

ya from what I can tell and from the post i read u can crossfire different amd brans but no SLI.. kinda sucks :/

Yes, you shouldn't have a problem crossfiring two different brands of the same card. IIRC the CrossfireX driver/ software in CCC will simply adjust the clocks so that they are the same. That being said, I've never actually gotten it to work. I tried Crossfiring two 6950's of different manufacturers and couldn't do it, something about an atidag.sys driver or something. Everywhere I looked said it could be a multitude of different things, so I ended up just selling them for cheap and grabbing a single 3gb Sapphire 7950. Good luck with Crossfire, as it was a total pain in the ass for me, but it should work fine for you! :D

I want to crossfire my 7870 as well,I have the gigabyte 7870 windforce  and now that the r7 and r9 series are out I suppose 7870 is out of production,thing is,I'll have enough money for another 7870 in about 2months and I want to get the exact 7870 as I currently have since it's so amazing,I never hear it and never see it go above 67Degrees. Any info about the 7000 series being discontinued? It kinda kills me thinking that I won't be able to find a gigabyte 7870 anymore :/