Need help, 30sec black screen before windows login screen

hey guys, need some help here, i have this strange 30sec pause after my windows loading gui and before my log in screen, i have a corsair force 3 gt 120gb ssd on an AMD board, with a 4.0ghz 955 i have tried numerous things as removing my 1tb mass storage drive, new copy of windows on my ssd, i rma'd my xfx hd6870 it tested ok at xfx then they sent it back, my memory is gskill 1866 running at 1600 with tight timings (8-9-8-26) stable under memtest.i tried stock clocks for cpu and memory. ive tried some stuff i found under google search, those ended up being some sort of hacking programs and virus software. i run MSE so far, still havent got anything else, but scans of mse show clear pc nothing else is effected, it is just really annoying to have that 30 sec pause. when boots should be less then that.   im pretty sure its a windows problem, im running 7 ultimate 64bit thanks in advance

MSE isn't entirely reliable. It's meant to be used with another antivirus program. Google eset online scanner and scan all your hard drives. If you've overclocked anything try setting it back to default clocks. You may also want to check your drives for errors.