Need help 300-400 budget on gpu

Hi i'm making this post because i cant make up my mind on what GPU to buy i was wondering if anyone could recommend a good GPU to buy i am upgrading from a gtx570. Preferably a Nvidia card. also would like to stick a water block on it later.

gtx 770 reference design would be best for a waterblock.

Funny thing about Kepler, i can OC the hell out of it without waterblock.  It doesn't rly throttle or anything.  On my GTX 770 i did +150 on the core and +250 on the memory.  Anything past that it won't let me, even when i set the max temp to 95c...  I've come across this kind of issue with a few other Keplers, so it's probably better to just buy a 780 over a 770 with a waterblock.

Thanks for all the reply guys!! i decided to go with this one.;jsessionid=7E6F93F66E68D1B025A0FCECD61AA5C4.bbolsp-app02-196?id=1219065626957&skuId=1826004&st=nvidia%20gtx%20770&cp=1&lp=1

because i looked on EKWB and they had a WB for it and that's what brand i had on my 570 i just cant watercool right now because my pump broke.