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Need HDMI 2.0 compliant cables, what should i get?


Not sure on which category i would post this, but i think here is ideal.
I have a recurrent problem in my HT setup which is bandwidth bottleneck between one device and another, every now and then when a scene is very busy with surround sound (generally in games, on PC or console) the image goes black for some 5 seconds and then comes back, sometimes the audio cuts out as well. I tried multiple commonly available cables from various brands and the problem kept happening.
The ultimatum to blame the cables was a test i did after making sure the firmware and drivers on all devices was up to date and tested the claim with very expensive, overpriced, borrowed from a rich friend Wireworld Chroma 7 cables, the problem did not surface in the entire week i’ve used the Wireworlds, even when i purposely replicated the situations on which the other cables would black out.
Of course i’m not willing to buy Wireworlds for US$100 a pop in the local market, so i’ve come to ask, in the USA which are the best cost x benefit, properly HDMI 2.0 compliant cables can i get? I already have to buy some stuff in the US and redirect it via Shipito, so i may as well order some cables too.
The Belden cables Blue Jeans sells seem like an interesting choice.



Monoprice, Amazon Basics

You don’t need anything special. You just need to make sure it complies with the specification. Lots of cheap Chinese cables either commit outright fraud and don’t comply with the spec, or have such poor quality control that the number of cables they sell that are out of spec is high.

Monoprice and Amazon Basics are both very affordable and take spec compliance seriously.



I’ll check them out, thanks for the tip!



Problem is the high speed specification is for HDMI 1.4, 10gbps. Whereas HDMI 2.0 is 18gbps. Generally short cables shouldn’t be a problem, although I had to replace some short cables when I upgraded to 4K because I was getting artefacts. The HDMI cable specification doesn’t have a maximum length, only a minimum length, so if a cable at the minimum length passes then they can sell that cable at any length and claim that it meets the specification. The only way to know for sure is to get a cable which has been third party tested at the speed and length you need.

Personally I have Kordz r.3 cables as they were easy for me to get where I am, they weren’t cheap but they weren’t $100. But under 2m or so any decent high speed cable should be a safe bet, but there is a chance it won’t work.



Lenght could be an issue then.
I need 3m from the receiver to the TV and then 2m from the receiver to the other devices.
I could, technically, remove my TV from the wall and the cable lenght from the receiver would drop to 1m at most.

PS: The Wireworlds i tested the system with were all 2m.



HDMI really is a horrible transmission line just saying but it’s all we got lol

That being said the OP should definitely use the source you listed

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And Wireworld is on the list, now i get why i was sucessful with their cables.

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Definitely buying Wireworld for this price, for what i could buy just two cables locally i can buy all the cables i need via US retailers.
Shipping won’t cost a lot either, Shipito generally charges a decent price.
I’ll probably be buying the round ones (Sphere or Radius) since i’m not a huge fan of flat cables.



If you need reach, there are some HDMI 2.0 “optical” cables that carry the data over (non-standard) fiber that can go pretty darn far.

Club3D is a reliable brand here.



Club3d is my go to if I need quality