Need GPU suggestions

Hi, i am having a tax return very soon, not a huge one, but enough to get a new GPU, but i have a budget, as i have to pay for other things besides hardware :)


So, 160 pounds budget, anything that would be a worthy successor to my GTX 480?

Yes, i know my 480 is overclocked, and really outpowers most cards in this budget range, but i want to hear suggestions all the same, as i can then put my now aging 3 year old monster to bed.

I do not care which brand, i want performance, this is why i went 480 back in the day :)


Cheers guys.

Ok, i found this 7870 Joker:


It is over budget, but i can stretch...


Any input?

The 7870 Is good match for that price point however I've never heard much about the club 3d cards i personally would steer away, If you could squeeze a bit more money out this is a good option


I am pretty sure the Joker is a lot faster than any normal 7870, as it is a tahiti LE chip? roughly matching the 7950....

Add on top i can overclock really high from experience, i should get a heck of a lot out of the Club3D card...


I also dislike anything ASUS, never had any luck with any of their products, nearly all DOA or just simply fail to work correctly (motherboards)


Club3D are a large partner just like XFX/ Sapphire....


Just wanted to ask if it seems a good upgrade..



This one is a Tahiti LE...


Only a little more cost it seems.

All the 7870's Are Tahiti LE, the 7950/7970 Are Tahii, As i like to joke LE Stands for Lame edtition. As for asus, Its a shame you've have a bad experiance iwth them i my self have 4 Asus product either in or near my system. To answer your question I would have to say a 480 to 7870 is not a good upgrade, tha main reason i say that is seeing the next Gen Graphics cards are just around the corner. Check this out

Now although the 7870 wins in texel rate, making it faster in AF the 480 is a bit faster In AA, So unless you love AF Its not really a good upgrade

No offense, i really dislike HWcompare and any other stupid site showing info based on texel rates, it means nothing in the real world.


My 480 blows over the 660ti according to that site, it is not as fast in any game...

The vanilla 7870 performs slightly worse than a GTX 580, so the Tahiti LE core versions should meet or surpass that kind of performance. Definitely go with the Club 3D Joker. They're supposed to be crazy good overclockers.

And michlantecuh, please stfu unless you know what you're talking about. "Every 7870 is tahiti LE." What a load of bull shit.

Well i have this question elsewhere, and those folks are suggesting the Radeon 7950, i said i would look around on Ebay or for any deals, i still have time to decide, no rush.


Cheers for the info.