Need general audio managing

Hey guys i need some help i want to get the most bang out of my buck an the best way to do so i need better audio.

i have no history in audio headphones and mice separate, but the head phones i now use are fine for music and general use but gets quite uncomfortable. 

i like to stream but mic current mic/setup creates a bit of white noise (it annoys me in particular)


my criteria: 

cant spend more then 400 euros

would like new mic and headphones (looked at these headphones - mic)

also want an external deck/amp

and a boom mic stand 

(i am a cheap skate)


i would like recommendations and would love to have a chat about it.

greetings from troy


First of all, have you watched Logan's videos on "Build Your Own Gaming Headset"? Those videos could be the exact thing you need. If you have, well, good. I haven't used the DT 990's myself but I have heard great things about them if you are into bass.That mic is also very good, but something like the CAD-u37 is cheaper, while still delivering performance. Check out this reddit: As for the boom mic stand... Stay away from the Rode mic stand Logan describes in the last "Build Your Own Gaming Headset" videos. Keep an eye out on this thread, though, because there are probably some here who know better than me and might be able to help out even more. Also, another great option for headphones are the DT 880's, Audio Technica ATH-AD900X, and the Hifiman HE-400s.

thanks man i'l look in to these i'm really happy you helped me.

thanks a lot