Need friends!

i just built my own pc and dont have any friends to play with scince most of my friends on xbox dont have a gaming grade computer or doesn't have the games i have just wondering if i can play with some of you guys on Natrual selection 2, arma 3, or planetside 2. 

Many of the TEK Syndicate gamers play on Steam. If you open up a Steam account and post it here asking people with common game interests I'm sure you will meet a host of people who would be willing to game with you.

my steam account is sideways117.....

Welcome to PC gaming :)

My Steam is AwesomeTimeTraveler

Welcome to the better gaming. 

My steam DiamondRyce

Welcome to the glorious pc gaming master race. I'm armypig on steam.

Rust In Peace

my steam is skullabyss

Mine is S1n_atra. My friends and I play Arma alot. Next time you're on... HMU

I just finished my build 10 minutes ago ;D


My steam name is Tazuna, The current profile picture is Mordecai

Then we will play tomorrow night, when I finish mine. I do have to work/do a favor tomorrow night, so probably Saturday.

This thing is a beast. I got my headset ready.

steam name Nanerpus929 anyone feel free to add me!

Steam name is |M|jon666|Inc, usually on all the time, the only exception being work. 

You going to post some pictures of your build?

Mine is (Dem Feelz) with a retarted soldier as dp


TheNightwingGrayson, same on Youtube as well.

DrMTHead on steam, glad to help out a newcomer into the glorious world of PC gaming.