Need for speed most wanted 2005

hi guys,

i'm a big big fan of Need for speed most wanted 2005 and i think i'm gonna buy it again for pc. i have the game on my gamecube but it's 480p. i know the game is old but it's by far the best nfs ever made in my opinion. if i buy it, it's gonna be on a cd-rom i believe. i will buy an simple dvd drive for 10 euro or get it from a older pc that's not a problem. the thing i'm gonna do is mod it like crazy. i don't know but i hope i can use sweetfx. don't know if it works cuz it's on a cd-rom. i'm not into modding and i never made a mod myself but i really wanna learn how to make a mod. i want texture mods cuz it's a game from 2005 u know:) there are some hd texture mods for some cars but i think i'm gonna try to make them myself. and if i can and have the time i may create my own cars and try to expand the city but i think that's really really hard to do.

is this way to hard? and does someone knows a site that explains how to make a mod.