Need for Spanish skills?

Hello all,

This one specifically goes to @Logan and @wendell, I was just wondering if there was any demand for translating the tek (show, website, materials, etc) into Spanish. If so I'm trying to find working in the field of translation. I'm currently going through the Spanish Education program at my university and I'm trying to expand my options. I've done translation and interpretation work before here and there for different places, fairly minimally but I have a good grasp of Spanish and everyone I speak with has told me that.

So I was just wondering if you guys were looking to expand into the hispanosphere at all and if you needed help with that. I could do anything from translate the website to doing CC for the tek. Right now I'm fairly busy with school, but shoot me a pm and we can work something out.


P.S. Anyone who isn't logan or wendell can hit me up too.

P.S.S. Didn't know where to post this specifically so hopefully this is an appropriate place.