Need feedback on planned home server [NVR][mini-ITX]

Hi all,
I'm going to make a home server for my parents and I need some feedback on the hardware shopping list.
It will be used primarily as a network video recorder (NVR) for a few 720p IP cams.
If possible it will be used as a media server and backup server too.
Do you guys think it will be powerful enough to do this kind of stuff?

Be Quiet! power supply unit: System Power 7 300W - (€ 28,50)
Cooler Master CM Storm Elite 130 - (€ 36,26)
Western Digital Purple WD10PURX - 1TB - (€ 53,03)
MSI J1900i mitx j1900 so-ddr3 mb - (€ 64,71)
2x Kingston ValueRAM - 2GB - SO-DIMM, 204-pole - DDR3L - 1333 MHz / PC3L-10600 - CL9 - (€ 26,84)
Total: € 259,25 (280 USD or 364 CAD)

So I chose this motherboard because of the integrated cpu which has a low power consumption, is cheap and still has dual memory channels.
Do you think I need dual memory channel for this work it will be doing?
Any form of feedback will be appreciated. Note that the target price is around €250 (270 USD or 350 CAD)

Note: I live in the Netherlands, so pricing may differ.
Note2: is there an alternative to that pcpartpicker thing which has the msi j1900i listed?

Might want a second hard drive for media use, Otherwise I believe the 5350 on the AM1 platform is a faster processor at more power, but not sure how much that matters for this kinda thing.

Not quite sure how much power you are going to be needing, but I was looking up your specs for your processor and its quite comparable to the now notorious Intel Pentium G3258.

They are both based off the 22nm fab process, the Celeron just has a lower clock speed, maybe one or two newer instruction sets missing.

For the price, I don't think you can go wrong with your build. I was looking at the newegg review for another manufacturer's version of J1900i and the reviews are good, here is a link to read up on those, someone else is using one for a media server.

Am going to add more drives in the future of course, but for now the budget is tight.
That Pentium looks good btw, but it's same price for the Celeron and motherboard together.
Thanks for the replies and I will report back on how it performs.
Maybe I'll choose the asrock version of this mobo for the normal DIMM support instead of the SODIMM on the MSI one.