Need Email Server

Hey guys I created a website and need a email server to go onto the server so it can send emails out to users. I havent bought the domain yet but what email servers can I get that will integrate with Node.js easily?

Mail in a box is going to be the easiest option.

If you want to keep things simple you need to use this server as your nameserver for your domain since it sets up all the DNS records for you. It has a simple DNS control panel so you can setup records to point domains and subdomains at your web server.


would prefer to just get my existing setup to work.

Sounds like your confusing HTTP with SMTP.

NodeJS is a webserver and (generally) serves pages over HTTP. Its not a email server that can send and receive emails(SMTP) or can be store then in a way that your phone or computers can access (IMAP).

That said, you don't make it clear what you want to do. Do you have an app written in JS served by nodeJS that you want to send email from? If so there are ready made libraries to do the heavy lifting for you.

Or do you want an email account like Gmail? If so then NodeJS isn't going to help you much. Its a webserver not an STMP/IMAP server. If you want something like gmail you need postfix with dovecot and maybe so you can find a webmail that uses NodeJS.

If you're just sending email from a website then you can just do something like install Postfix and send email from localhost.

nope, I want postfix installed and operational on the server and then an API that I can use with Node.js.

The Node.js server code has already been written apart from the function that will send emails out for if people forget their passwords.

exactly, you figured out what I want, but it is currently not being authenticated by google.

Is it getting spam checked? You could try changing your server IP if someone got it blacklisted.

After some tinkering its now getting blocked into Spam. I got dragged into another project so I may revisit this later on but I found my emails in spam so I know I just need to add that txt file and then it should be good.