Need dock and kvm, looking for a solution

Current situation at hand, I have 3 systems, a server running freenas and multiple images, a work station for development work and gaming, running both Windows 10 and Arch. And finally I have a laptop for work that I need access to multiple monitors running Windows 10.

The issue arises with my monitors and the laptop. The server doesn’t need to be connected as I can remote into it. How’ve the workstation is my main rig, plugged into everything. Finally when I want to use my work laptop, I’m limited to a single 4k 30hz over hdmi. My monitor setup is one 4k panel with two 1080p panels. The ideal situation allows me to use at least three desktop and laptop with this setup.

The desktop works great, but the laptop relies on either hdmi and 2 USB ports or thunderbolt 3. What I’m getting at is I need a kvm/docking solution that supports thunderbolt 3 or at the very least USB 3.0 type c. It also needs to support 3 displays with one at 4k 60hz.

The easiest solution is to get two storage devices. However finding a kvm that supports 3 displays is not easy, nor is finding a dock. Does anyone know if the level1 kvm supports daisy chaining 1080p panels? @wendell. And if anyone has any other recommendations. I’m looking for a solution that can power my current setup without latency on the desktop.

Thank you