Need Dell PERC H310 HBA card

I recently purchased a refurb Dell Poweredge T320 server. It came with a Dell PERC 710 RAID controller. I am running FreeNAS and can not use the H710 Controller as I need an HBA card. Does anyone have a H310 HBA card they would be willing to trade? or Sell?

why that particular HBA… why not a 9211-8i or 9207-8i… etc?

If it will work in the Dell T320, I’m open. I’m just wanting to ensure it works I’m the backplane pcie slot

NewEgg had new Dell PERC H310 card for $44 this week.

Seller “The Art of the Server” on eBay has a variety of HBA cards already flashed to IT mode.
Sub $100

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Sadly only oem cards work in the dedicated slot.

But I have a 9211-8i working in a T710… just have to use a different pcie slot

Picked up the h310 from Art of the Server

Also picked up a Intel Xeon E5-2430L V2 2.40GHz CPU

As well as 2 Adata XPG SX8200 nvme 256gb m.2 ssds and 2 pcie adapter cards. I’ll use them for ZIL cache and the L2 something or other cache.


“Art” also has a YouTube channel with a lot of server parts builds and testing. He has also been very responsive to emails with questions, and his discussion channel.