Need cooling advice for 3570k build

Hi! I just built up my first system in a long time and as it is now, the cpu (3570k) seems like it might be running a bit warm. Specs:

  • Intel 3570k running stock with stock cooler
  • ASUS P8Z77-V LE
  • Patriot Viper 3 2x8gb 1600mhz RAM (running stock, so like 1300mhz)
  • Seasonic x650 gold psu 
  • 2 60Gig SSD running Raid0 with Win7 64
  • 2TB Barracuda HDD
  • No GPU currently. Running off Mobo/chip graphics.
  • Older Gigabyte case

The CPU temp is running between 36-41C at idle, and up to 58C when running Prime 95. There seems to be plenty of air clearance for the case. It seems like it should be running a little lower than that. Yeah? I'm not a huge gamer, but occasionally play older stuff like Portal and the Myst series. 

My question is: what would be the most efficient way of lowering the cpu temps? I would like to get an aftermarket CPU cooler, but I'm not sure I have room for most of the recomended ones (Hyper 212, etc). Might a Corsair H50 or similar work instead of the rear fan? New/better case fans? I would prefer to keep my case as size/looks are nice. Pic attached for reference. THANKS!


58C in prime 95 is pretty darn good! Heck my i3 gets 4c shy of that under prime 95, your temps are just fine. Your idle temps are a bit warm but that could be due to your ambient temp being warm as well?

The most effecient way to lower temps is a decent aftermarket heatsink, what exact case model do you have? There are low profile heatsinks that do a proper good job and will fit in your case very well.

Better case fans are definitely a good idea as well, maybe a nice 92mm Tornado in the back lol? THe biggest difference will be a heatsink,what does your budget look like?

You can leave it just the way it is, the temps are proper good!

Thanks John! I've been seeing all sorts of temp readings from good sources and couldn't tell why the spectrum was so broad. Confusing.

I have a Gigabyte GZ-X1 Chassis. I measured from the face of the mobo to the case side yesterday and was getting like 165mm max, so adding a few mm's for the cpu and I don't think I'm fitting a large air cooler in there.  I would love suggestions for good lower-profile cpu fans, or water cooling units. No real budget limitations, would rather have my cpu for a long time.

I had to look up the Tornado vid on youtube, ha! So glad bigger fans are around. 


The first one is a Hyper TX3, 139mm in height and for $20 is proper good and it will do the job:

The second one is a low profile Gemini M4, 59mm height and for $35 it is more then a 212 EVO :

Even the 212 EVO would probably fit in your case,  the Evo 212 is 159mm personally i think it will clear your case but i will leave that up to you. Are you planning on OC in the future?

Is that case vented on the side? What is the ambient temp in your house? I wouldnt go with big air unless you have pretty decent airflow. Your temps arent too bad though. I would say a Corsair h80 or equivalent mounted where you have your back exhuast fan. Mount it in pull configuration, will alow for you to clean the radiator easily, and will keep your fan clean. A different case could possibly help you alot as well, allowing you to add additional fans to move more air.





Thanks for the replies guys. I live in Northern California, so ambient house temp is 68-70F right now. The case is vented on the side. Airflow for the computer is decent, front is open, about 2" of clearance behind it against a wall. And the side vents have 4-5" of clearance which exits to the open front of a desk, and near the back wall. If I ran a cooler/radiator having air pulled in from the back, should I have the front chassis fan exhaust or have it also pull air in and exhaust out the side?

I'm not planning on overclocking too much, I suppose the 3570k was a little silly to buy, but it's nice having the option. Is something like the H80 worth the extra $ over the H60?

What I meant was have the H80 in pull configuration pulling air out of the case. So your fan would be up against the metal of the case, then the radiator would fit against that. Have the fan pull air through the radiator and exhaust out the the back of the case. In this configuration you should have slightly better possitive air pressure. Keep the front fan as is. A fan on the side of the case would help as well, blowing in, not exhausting. If you are planning on doing some light overclocking I would say the H80 is worth the extra 20. If not though, the h60 will be fine.

The cooling of an H60, H80 or any water loop doesnt always justify the cost. What does justify the cost though is the fact that they dont really pollute (heat) the air inside your case, as bad. You can control and properly direct the hot air. With big air its just a bit harder, normally louder. 

  With ambient temps at 70f you should be able to idle around 27-32 or lower with this.

Hope this helps!