Need computer help. I'm about to throw my computer out the window


    So my computer problems begin about 2 1/2 months ago were my motherboard started reading that my RAM was running in single channel instead of dual channel mode like it should, all being new parts of a computer that I built myself. All the pieces were under warranty and so I called the Motherboard company along with the RAM company to see what think was wrong they both agreed it was the motherboard most likely. So I have it exchanged/fixed. After 4 weeks they finally send me back a brand new motherboard. After I re install it I check to see if the problem is fixed. No cigars. So I call the people who make my RAM and they tell me they will replace it for free and instead of waiting another 4 weeks to have the third party distributer send it back they tell me to send it to them directly and I get a new RAM kit with in 10 days, So i get everything re installed and my Dual channel memory problem is fixed. Now my windows product is acting up and continuosly keeps crashing, turns out all operating system such as windows only get attached to one motherboard after each use. So I'm boned.jpeg due to my motherboard being replaced with a new one so after yelling and conversing with IT at Microsoft they help me fix it. Which surprisingly took my entire wesnesday to get through all the tech support. I now start have caching problems with my computer were as soon as my computer starts it crashes and I get blue screens of death constantly. So i call the RAM guys again and they explain to me that the RAM kit they sent me probably isn't set to the right frequency which i would have to do manually through the BIOS which wasn't a big of a deal. Finally after all of that my computer starts acting stable. Though the Windows update program would refuse to update about 34 things due to some error, but at that point I was done and happy that my computer was just running stable. So for about 2 weeks it was fine and I thought everything would just be dandy. Today when I get on my computer everything is alright. though after I left to go run and do other things once I got back on, my computer screens start cuting the screen weirdly in the sense that 1/3 of the right side would be on the left and the other 2/3 would be pushed to the right. So I tried everything i new to fix it, exchanging HDMI cables. I know its not my monitors and then my drivers crash for some unknown reason so i go into windows safe mode and and un install them and reinstall them to no avail I come up with the same problem of my screen cutting. After a few restarts it starts just doing it when I log in, though it doesn't do it when i log into safe mode, so I know it's a driver issue. I finally say screw it and copy everything important on a USB and decide to format both my SSD and HDD and re install windows and start fresh. I get windows installed and everything seems great until I get to the end of finishing all the updates for windows update. When internet explorer trys to open so i can get drivers and other essentials for my computer, my screen just goes black. It is still on, but will not respond and will stay black and when I boot it in safe mode it is fine and can't detect any problems. So I have tried everything I know what to do to try and fix this even inquired Googles knowledge and got nothing. So I'm at my wits end. And there is my story. This is also the reason I have been away from the Tek Syndicate forums for over two months. I'm about to take it to a computer repair shop unless anyone here has the magical solution. All my specs are in my profile. Also I'm about to head to bed so I will not be able to respond immediatly but I will respond to any questions once I wake up. Though everything I know is basically in this text, sorry if it's really long. Help.


Seriously need help bump?

Can you try to segment each problem? Would make it easier for me to figure out and read

I don't know much about software, but i guess i'll be here to bump.

Basically my problem right now is that I completely wiped both my HDD and my SSD. Once, I re-install windows and finish putting all the updates from Windows update. I try to open Internet Explorer and the screen just goes black. Though in Safe mode it works just fine. And even if I download chrome in safemode and try it in regular windows my computer screen just goes black.

Try updating the graphics card driver?

I already did it to no avail; the guys on the mumble helped me figure out it was most likely my GPU due to screen artifacting, so I'm getting it replaced as we speak. Thanks for the help though!