Need Compact MATX case that wouldnt look silly with an ITX board

Hey there Tek Syndicate Forum (its the first time ive used it in the new format)

Ok im going to ask a question of the forum. I need to make a decision on a case for my rig

3 things to consider:

1: I have ordered a MITX motherboard, so bare in mind it has to be reasonably small
2: I currently have a 3 slot GPU which is 310mm long so I have to have an MATX case, but still want it reasonably compact (no full towers please)
3:I dont want to spend over $200 NZ dollars max

Any help would be appreciated Cheers
( I will try to get to your suggestions ASAP, but I know there ae some that wont work and ill let you know)

IMO the Thermaltake Core V21 is a pretty nice mATX case, idk how it'd look with an ITX mobo though.
You could probably pull off having an ITX mobo in the mATX Enthoo Evlov too.

Yeah i was really considering having a V21, the cable management would be a pain and they look like a sub-woofer lol The Enthoo Evolv is about $250 here which is a bit over my budget. I know the Bitfenix Prodigy cases would not work same with the Corsair Air 240. Thanks for the ideas