Need Comfortable, Crystal Clear Audio Headset for Music and Gaming Under $100

I'm in the market for a new headset that I can use to listen to music and game, since my Platronics Gamecom 367 completly snapped in half the other day.


I'm looking for an audio only (no-mic), 3.5mm connector, headset that has clear audio quality and is very comfortable to wear that is under $100.


Any input is appreciated!

Cheap sennheisers or audio technicas

AKG k240. It sells for 99$ but you can find it on sale for less. One of the most comfortable set of cans I've ever owned, its nothing to wear these all day in comfort. Used widely for mixing songs in the industry, yes they are clear sounding.

+1 on the AKG's, best bang for the buck.

Hmmm... All those seem good, could use a few more choices.



I can totally recommend the Audio Technica ATH-M50. I'm using mine on an ASUS Xonar DX and they are the best Headphone's I've ever had.The sound quality is awesome and compared to my Roccat Kave (which is heavy as shit) they are very lightweight and much more comfortable. I use them on a daily base for music, gaming and other stuff...

The only problem is they cost a bit more than 100$ ...

Then what made you think it was a good idea to suggest them for an under $100 budget?

Because sometimes the higher cost (in this case 20$ - is in my opinion worth the (probably) better sound and build quality of a pair of headhones.

Personally I'd advice you to get some nice headphones (over ear or in ear, doesn't matter too much) and then a clip on mic. I find that it's alot nicer than most headsets. I have G35's and they hurt my head if I wear them too long. If you do decide on going for a headset, make sure it's comfortable on you if possible


If you are anything like me and you like explosions/gunshots/foot steps to be bass heavy in video games then get these I have them.

Ultrasone Hfi 580 around £100 in UK don't presume they would be around $100 mark as stuff is cheaper over there


Crap, Teebler's Headset recommendation, the Sony MDR-XB500's, I almost got but I keep getting reviews saying they're great bass but the rest of the audio spectrum is crap.

Oh sweet, My Friend is loaning me his BeyerDynamic DT 770's to try out and if I like them I might get to keep them!

Which ohm? 80 or 250? 80 is more bassy than the 250

Under $100:

For the clarity: Beyerdynamic DT231 (cheaper than AKG K518DJ)

More to the gaming (usually bass supports more feel of explosion, shots, etc): AKG K518 is basshead but not bad (powerful bass but less affecting other frequencies), also more isolation than DT231.

Never choose Sennheiser PX series, they have low detail (even than V-jays).

I have a pair of Sennheiser HD280 Pro. They're very comfortable, with soft padding all around you can wear them for hours. They sound great. The sound is very neutral, clear, just overall great sound. I bought them for a 100. If you want something with more bass in it, check out Sony's XB series.

I'm borrowing the 80 ohm version, and am leaning towards the HD280 Pro's if my friend doesn't let me keep these DT 770's. If it doesn't happen then I'm definately ordering the HD280 Pro's.