Need case for ThermalTake Extreme Watercooling sys

Building a system and I have everything but a case, I need something to fit this

The radiator with fars attached is is 270x120x53.3

I dont need a full sized case but if that's all it'll fit in I'll take it

Ive been looking at these  (cosair mid size) (thermaltake full)

The case is the last component i need and I'm really looking forward to getting started with this build.

Thanks in advance, 


200r is a no go, not enough room between roof and top of motherboard, and that Thermaltake case should be killed with fire (terrible, terrible case)

There are some cheap cases that will support your AIO cooler;

CM 690 II

NZXT 410 --- excellent case

Antec GX700

Fractal R4 - nice case as well.

Hope this helps.

Phantoms are great, +1 for that