Need BF4 team?

EDIT : due to the great response i received here Iv decided to rent a teamspeak3 server for us all to play (for all of tek syndicate) 
IP = 

I just built a gaming pc and have battle field 4! I have no one to play with though as all my friends are console gamers. Anyone interested in gaming with me? I'm a 23 year old male who is mature but also funny and goofy.  Just really need a group to play with.  Kinda get depressed playing games alone :/ 

Wanna play BF3.. Haven't been able to purchase because I'm only 17...but yeah I'm lonely too.

I'm down to buy bf3. I'll buy it tonight after work. What do you use to voip? My steam is (stuna2150)

I'd love to play with some new people and set up a team. I am 18 (so I can buy the game!! although idk why you wouldn't be able to buy it even at 17...) Anyways, you can add me as funboyrule on origin and steam. Teamspeak is a really nice service (my favorite) but there is also mumble and ventrillo, although I've never used ventrillo.


Feel free to add me.  Here's a link to my battlelog.

I do not have BF4 at the moment, but I do have BF3.

I have bf3 and bf4 (best buy trade in offer ftw). Once school is done, I'll be on constantly. Add me on origin: iskatezzz

I've been looking for some weekend warriors to play with. Here's my link:

I usually play as assault with medic gear, and i'm down for any game mode. As for voip, I prefer to use teamspeak but mumble and steam chat fine too.

this is great! Ok guys ill be adding you all! I say we use teamspeak3 while in game to comunicate! does anyone own or have a server that the admins wouldnt mind us getting on? 


I don't have much time lately, but feel free to add me.

Add me on origin bb0471 just got bf4 and really enjoying it!

Anyone at TekSyndicate can add me:

Be nice to play with someone who dosent have the maturity of a 5 Year old. yo

Sign me up man, I can't handle playing with randoms.  I use TS or Skype :D


Count me in

this is great guys! keep em coming!  Added you all so far. same IGN as my user name here! 

Im considering renting a team speak server for all of us to play on. id love for all of tek syndicate to use it for w.e games they please! maybe work out some kind of donation system to help out. what do you guys think?  

Yeah anyone who want to play bf4

Add me if you PTFO

When I get the game I'll play with you and I can make you pretty good too, not trying to brag. I have lots of experience with comp BF3 and I'm sure most of it will transfer to BF4.

ill play too: my id is Ataintedbagel