Need Anime to watch

Need some anime recommendations and also fairly recent due to me having a taste for pretty pictures unless if everything else is good I may look over it. I want to watch that is mostly action with very little feels and little filler as possible.

Anime that I have watched:

Bleach, all episodes not the Manga 

Vivadred Operation (more of this type but less feels and less of the emphasis that the main characters are loli.)

Baka no Test Shoukanjuu both seasons (fucking hilarious)


Hunter x Hunter the first 60 episodes its good but never seen the HD remake

I do not want to watch Naruto since I have read the Wikia of it and know the ending of it. One Piece I don't have THAT much time and I think it went to shit in my opinion, only liked of the comedic value of characters reactions before they updated the visuals to be more provocative in a sexual manner. 

cowboy bebop.....fullmetal alchemist....gundam...berserk....theres plenty to choose from

i'd recommend checking out pretty good mix of everything

You'd probably enjoy Kill La Kill. It's fucking retarded, but it's almost always rolling, filled with action, etc. 

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Future Diary, and Steins Gate are what I have watched recently and love them.

You might wanna clarify if you want shonen or seinen anime. IMO Bleach had tons of fillers, it suffers from tons of anime cliches and tropes. You could try Gintama, Last Exile. If you're into Slice of life you could try Spice & Wolf and Nichijou. If you're into random crazy anime you should watch FLCL or Excel Saga. Hajime No Ippo is alright also Prince of Tennis is not bad either if your into sports. If your into Loli you could watch Moetan & Hanamaru Kindergarten it's so ridiculous it's actually pretty funny.


Heard The Tale of The Princess Kaguya (AKA "Kaguyahime no monogatari") is supposed to be really good. I haven't seen it.

Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo

Kino's Journey

oh boy, wasn't narrowed down very much ={ just action? claymore is great, but short. attack on titan was awesome, only one season so far ( is on netflix unless they took it off ). and of course the classics ( well, classic for me ): cowboy bebop, wolf's rain, trigun, ghost in the shell.

if you want stuff a little different, mushi shi was very good, also enjoyed first season of black butler ( haven't seen second one yet ).

If the feel in SAO are too much for you, try 'Hataraku Maou-sama!' it's pretty lighthearted, goofy and pure comedy. I found it really funny and refreshing and it's only 13 episodes long.

I suggest you try watching the first episode, since google searches didn't do it justice, see if you get hooked. :)

SAO the feels are not enough to make me sad even though it slightly did but they like dedicated a few full episodes of it. It was just annoying to me but not actually really sad in my opinion.

You should check out Bakemonogatari. Technically you should start with Nekomonogatari since it's chronologically before Bake but Neko seems to be harder to get into or adjust to at first from what I've seen from people I've shown it to. And don't worry, if you start with Bake rather than Neko you won't ruin anything and it will probably be a less jarring experience.

I second Steins Gate. It's fantastic, you should watch it. Everyone should.

If you're ok with harems then Nisekoi is really entertaining, in my opinion, and a second season is on its way. (It's seen as a harem but really it's not lets be honest)

Welcome to the NHK. More of a hit or miss but really worth a shot.

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Simply charming besides the endless eight. I didn't mind them but I pretty much have an infinite amount of patience. You'll see what I mean so just skip them if it bothers you, you'll hardly miss a thing.

Parasyte. It's currently still airing but I watch every new episode the minute it's available.

And lastly (for this post), one of my personal favorites, Oreimo (Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai).

Eh yeah I know but it was the first anime I watch and skipped some of the fillers but not arcs like the Bount and that Bokotou whatitscall it.

Ok here goes Black Lagoon, Jormungand, Chrome Shelled Regios, Ao no 6-gou, Darker than Black: Kuro no Keiyakusha, Examurai Sengoku, Dogs: Bullets & Carnage, Kage, maybe Pumpkin Scissors, Shadow Skill, Shigurui, Strait Jacket, Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto, Seiken no Blacksmith..These are a few you may like..

And as always you can dig through my list HERE..If you need to find more you might like..