Need An $1100 Or Less Full Setup

tried this before, was very screwed, didn't turn out well, gonna try again


so since the PS4 has been announced and it has an 8 core AMD processer, and an AMD GPU, this leads me to believe that next gen content will not only be able to take use of and optimize more cores, but run better on AMD tech, so i guess an AMD based system is in order here, especially due to the budget, and that an intel rig in the same price range will probably be limited to a dual core i3. another thing is, next gen content also means next gen hardware (haswell, and whatever's next from AMD) so if i don't have the cash by the time this stuff hits, i'm coming back for a follow up/redo of this for next gen hardware (unless the same budget for next gen tech won't get as good performance as the following PC's you guys are gonna configure)

SOO..... $1100 for a full system, i already have the OS, keyboard, mouse, and mousepad selected, so i need the tower, internals(INCLUDING a DVD writer), and a monitor. and I AM BUYING WINDOWS, I AM NOT A THIEF, YOU CANNOT CHANGE MY MIND

here's the link, start from here and keep it under $1100

It's a little more, but this is the best I could think of while being within reason.

Removed SSD and replaced motherboard with a cheaper one from MSI that does pretty much the same things.

SSD is a waste of money and is only for game load times and start-up times.

Also changed your CPU to the 8350 to accommadate for the games that will take advantage of 8-cores.

Drop to the 8320, drop to the Seasonic 620 watt bronze PSU.

Put the Corsair 300R in instead.


Put in the MSI R7950 (Twin Frozer)