Need amd help

so im switching over to amd for the first time, right now ive got 2x strix r9 285 in crossfire from a previous build on a msi a88x g45 gaming mobo, and i cant decide what processor to get which is the last thing i need, would it be better to go for a 7850k or a 6800k, would the gpu on the processor even matter for gaming performance, can i even use it in that strange hybrid crossfire mode i hear about with my 2 cards? or is there just a straight cpu with no gpu i should get. 

Grab the Athlon X4 860k.  It's the A10-7850k with no integrated graphics, and a lot cheaper.

GPU won't really matter on the APU.

No, no dual-graphics mode with these high end GPUs.  You can do it all the way up to an R7 250.

awesome thanks, just saved me a bunch of cash :)

If you're stuck with the FM2+ platform, your best bet is the AMD Athlon 860k, which is basically an A10 7850k with the graphics core disabled, and it should be a lot cheaper too (saw it for $90 on Amazon). If you don't need the newest CPU architecture, Steamroller, the 760k is also an option rocking the tried and true Piledriver architecture. which can be had for $78, and is apparently more available as of this writing. Both options can be overclocked, and shouldn't run into too many bottlenecks when overclocked.

Dual-Graphics (FKA Hybrid Crossfire) isn't an option with mainstream or higher level GPU's (ie Radeon R7 250) because past a certain point in GPU power, the integrated graphics will just slow down the system instead of helping.


Typo. Meant to say FM2. Fixed. Thx.