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[Need Advice] Threadripper, Ryzen, or Intel


This is kinda a though one.
If you need allot of connectivity and expansion capabilities then TR would be really good choice.

But it kinda depends on how important gaming is for you.
And at which resolution you aim to game at.
TR is not really the greatest platform wenn it comes to gaming.
Some of the games listed like Diablo3 and Dirt Rally really benefit from intel’s per core performance.
However this is mainly seen wenn gaming on lower res like 1080p / 1440p with a highend gpu like a RTX2080.
However if you aim to game at like 4K with a single gpu setup, then cpu choice,
will have very little impact on performance.
Because at 4K you will be gpu bound in most scenario’s.

Wenn it comes to TR i would probably say go with the 2000 series cpu’s.
Those are slightly better then the 1000 series.
However a 1920X at its current price point is of course a steal.
So it might be a smart move to pick that one up as a place holder until new TR sku’s hit the market.
If you have plans to do a cpu upgrade in the future.
If not then go with a 2920X / 2950X.

As for X399 motherboards.

Basically all the boards are pretty decent, but i would advice to skip on the Asrock X399 phantom gaming6 and Msi X399 Sli plus.
Those are entry level boards, Asrock has a downgraded vrm, Msi X399S sli plus,
i have not checked the vrm out on that one.
But i assume that Msi probably has made some price cuts there aswell eg cheap mosfets.
But the entry level X399 board will probably lack the amount of connectivity features,
you are looking for anyways.

Asus in my opinion still has the best bios overall, better overclocking features,
voltage controls, fan control etc.
The newly announced Asus X399 Zenith EXtreme alpha won’t be cheap.
But it will pretty much offer all the bells and whisels you would need.
But of course if you dont tempt to go with the higher core count 250W tdp cpu’s,
like the 2970WX or 2990WX.
Then the board might be a little bit overkill.
Maybe the original Zenith Extreme might get a price drop once the Alpha is out.
Then you might find a nice deal on it.

Gigabyte Aorus X399 Extreme would also be a decent choice aswell.
But in my opinion Asus still win’s in the bios department.

Msi X399 Gaming pro Carbon AC and Msi X399 MEG Creation,
are both really solid boards wenn it comes to their build quality.
The Msi MEG creation has the most powerfull vrm of all X399 boards currently.
However that also is pretty much its only advantage.
The Msi X399 Gaming pro carbon AC has a very decent vrm aswell.
Its just that Msi’s bios isn’t really that great.
They lack certain features like offset voltage, en its a little bit of a pain to navigate.
Its a bit of a mess.
Lacking offset voltage is a huge bummer.

Asrock: Asrock X399 Fatality professional also not a bad board if you stick to the 180W tdp cpu’s up till the 2950X.
Still the bios from Asrock is a thing they need to improve on.
But their bios definitely isnt the worst.