Need advice / testing on project

Hi guys,

I'm a computer science student who likes to dabble in the world of web development occasionally. I also like gaming and streaming and was looking into putting together a gaming community site for my followers and fellow streamers.

Well here it is (so far): Galaxy Republic

It is obviously still in heavy development as I'm still working on the core features. It's powered by WordPress, however I'm working on moving all user interaction to the front end so that you'd never know, except for the footer.

I simply need help testing and advice about what to change or add. If you don't mind taking a visit and dump your thoughts into a reply that would be great.

Please don't get too hacky, and if you find any security holes, let me know right away.



BTW, the design is heavily influenced by the Tek Syndicate site as I'm really a fan of the simplicity.

Looks cool man:)

You can remove the footer, just change/delete one line php code on the server (using some FTP/SFTP program)

Yea, I planned on just changing is. Lol yes, ftp is good.

cool, very sleek