Need advice on which build to buy

I've got a budget of $850 -$870 and I'm trying to get the best build for my money.

I have two builds that I like-

i5 3570k

FX 8350

I will only be gaming on my PC so I'm looking for the best preforming PC withing my price range. I will mostly be playing Arma/DayZ, but I will be playing Battlefield 4 and Minecraft a bit. I really like Nvidia cards for some reason. I will buy an AMD card though. I've also read that the FX 8350 will benefit in BF4 seeing as it will take advantage of more than 4 cores.

I figure by Cyber Monday, prices will drop a bit and I can score better hardware, hopefully. 

Thanks for your help.

Sorry if this seems like spam.

if you're just going to be gaming AMD is the better choice. Intel NVIDIA are for people who also like to edit video,  use CAD,and game. so if you're just going to be playing games AMD is much cheaper. I also like NVIDIA cards the problem is they can get really expensive.

I haven't heard anything about BF4 using more than four cores. if you have the link to the article that would be great considering I'm also waiting until Cyber Monday to build a PC.

Go with the fx 8350 and instead of the 760 a radeon 7950 will perform much better for about the same price. Just what I'd d though, and I may be crazy...

I haven't heard anything about BF4 using more than four cores

BF4 is optimised to use up to 8 cores or threads .....but it dosent mean you will HAVE to have a 8core cpu it will just use one correctly if you have one.

(rember this is a 5mth old vershon that thay gave us as a beta it will be more optimised at launch)

But you will be better off buying a HD7950 over a 760 for bf4 the cpus are about the same + you will get amd mantle support on bf4 with a amd card (and a hd 7950 is a faster card and cheaper than a gtx 760)


What size motherboard?


That's a very nice chart you have there :P

If I'm going to be playing Arma/DayZ a majority of the time, would I benefit from an AMD card or NVIDIA card? I like your point about the 7950 being more powerful and the Mantle support for BF4. 

Honestly, I think the deciding factor will be when Cyber Monday comes and I'll see what deals I can get. If a R9 280X is on sale, I'll get on of those. If the GTX 770 is on sale for $300-$260 (<--that was me dreaming), I'll get one of those. I will be making final touches to my build on Cyber Monday to ensure I get the best deal. I'll stick with a 7950 for now seeing as whenever somebody asks the question: "Which is better, 760 or 7950?", the answer is always the 7950 or 7970.


well if you are just looking at video cards......( A HD7970 is a R9 280X and all of these cards have been overclocked) AMD cards are crazy value at the moment for there cost.

Well, this post wasn't really for deciding what GPU to get. But since the GPU is the most important in a gaming build, I figured I'd ask. 

Go with the 990fx pro instead of the evo. Better overclocking on the Pro version. 

The UD5 version. I heard they have better VRMs than the UD3. Also better for overclocking.