Need advice on some upgrades

I am looking for badass mother board with a FM2 processor socket. It would be pretty rad if you could post a entry level mid level and high e grade motherboard. And I awant want a water cooling unit for a FM2 socket. And I am also running on my AMD A-10 5800K integrated GPU with a radeon sapphire 6670 and want to upgrade to just a GTX 680 but I would like an opinion on other choices? Tysm <3

Most of the aio coolers fit fm2, ~ h100 etc.

680 is overkill unless you overclock that 5800k to the lmax. Remember to look at what gpu your psu can power before you buy one.

It's overclocked to 4.2 Ghz. Want to get to 4.6 Ghz with water cooling. And I have a 600 watt corsair builders series PSU 

get the GTX 770; it's the same GK104 GPU but with better quality ram, GPU boost 2.0... overall, better price/perf ratio. And cheaper. There're some 4Gb versions, like for the GTX680-> Gainward and Zotak in Europe


for the mobo:

ASUS F2A85 - M PRO or

ASUS F2A85 - V PRO or


water cooling: Corsair H60/H80 would be fine

Decided to go with MSI FM2-A85XA-G65 FM2 AMD A85X (Hudson D4) for my mobo and and the corsair h100i, I'm still torn on the GPU. I could very well buy the gtx 770 but the 680 appeals to me

And the 400$ price tag is a Teence much for me, I want to spend a maximum of 200$


maybe GTX 760 would fit your needs-> same GK104, less gpu cores activated, still better ram + larger memory bandwidth than GTX670

Get a radeon 7950 instead! It will run in crossfire with your AMD processor. For closed circuit water cooling just grab a h80i or a h100i. I'll have a look for mobo's 

If its atx mobo's that you need try an asRock either extreme 4 or 6 depending on what you can afford. 

I'd agree with the 7950. All the high-tier cards are virtually neck and neck, trading blows over different game titles. With the 7950 out-performing the 680 in some ATI optimised games.

The 7950 is the cheapest of the bunch, and comes with an amazing games bundle. You can spend more on other cards, but the gains will be minimal. E.g the difference between the 7950 and the 7970 is like 1-5 FPS.

the 7950 runs in crossfire with my APU? on the box it said the max was like a 6670. are you sure? because if so i will buy the 7950 in a heart beat