Need advice on getting a Video Card

Hello my name is Carlos I have a custom Pc I built and i been using the Onboard graphics ever since I put it together. I have decided to get a gpu. My pc specs are AMD 9950 Be 2.6 ghz, Gigabyte MA78GPM-UD2H MB, 6 Gigs of Ram DDR2 800mhz, Windows 7 Prof 64, and a Crosair 650 Watt TX PSU.

My budget is $120 US I don't game that much and my monitor is 17 inch a 1280x1024 resolution.

Thanks for all the help really appreciate it

4850 if you want a mid range inside your budget.
4870if you want a nice higher end card ($30 more then ur budget)

ur MB has hybrid crossfire, so you can run both your on board and PCI card together.



Well if your really not looking at gaming, but still want a decent video card, go with a nVidia 9600gt.

This ones supposed to be pretty decent for general use, and can still run some current games (but it wont be pumping out crysis at high frames), and its only $82.

How does the 5670 Gddr5 512 compare?