Need advice on gaming build

I plan on building the $650 kill you console PC and need some help on a few different aspect of the build. I have listed the parts below and questions I have about them. If there are better alternative be sure to let me know, thank you for any and all input.   


I have read a lot of complaints about this motherboard regarding external wifi cards, is that always the case? If so I need a different motherboard because wifi is my only option. Also, do I have to buy windows 8 along with the motherboard? Because that brings the build up another $100 or so. 

You should buy Windows 8. However, there are free "alternatives" if you don't want to buy it.

added a cheap CPU Cooler... changed the ram (couple bucks cheaper), GPU (same GPU, better cooler, $10 off), PSU (better PSU, less overkill wattage), and Mobo (that mobo was awful...) cheaper case (nice case though)... it's a bit more than $650... but this is better...

you could get it down to $650 but it'd mean either sacking the GPU to a 660, 7870 Ghz, or R9 270... or going with the Athlon X4 760k and Asus A88 chipset... the rest of the build is kind of bottom of the barrel for performance parts price-wise...


I'm really contemplating your build. So you really think the fans on the Asus GPU are better? And do I need to get a wifi network card for the motherboard? 


Its not the fans on the cooler its the piping on the heatsink... and get a PCI WiFi card if u need wifi ... they're better... of course hardwiring is a lot faster but if its not an option then it is what it is... mobos with built in WiFi you'll run into a bunch of expenses for unneeded extras u won't use just to get WiFi... cheaper for the PCI card

if you have access to a cd or an ISO here is best place for windows keys i have bought plenty and never had a problem

 or if you dont trust that site look on ebay for windows 8 pro upgrade and you can usually find it for 40 bucks i know its an upgrade but it installs the same way ive done it on like 6 builds 

If you want a better CPU look at this the 6350 is a great CPU this build doesn't have as an expensive GPU but a better mobo and definitely get a PCI WiFi card you can get USB and they are good but more expensive for good performance. And a 660 is definitely not as good as a 760 but you don't need a 760 to play games on ultra at 1080p how many monitors do you intend on running? And what resolution?

I plan on using my Samsung television at first until I can save up and get a conventional monitor. It's 1920 x 1080 and I do plan on having a dual monitor setup at some point and possibly more a few years down the road. Also, I was wondering if an ATI GPU would be a better fit for the build since it's owned by AMD? And if so what card would be of equal specs as the current GPU I have listed? Will my processor be powerful enough to stream games while I play on Twitch? This is my first PC build and I'm pretty new to all the hardware so I'm trying to be as thorough as possible so I don't regret anything. Thank you for your advice. 


I like Drunkenpanda's build.

As for the GPU, it doesn't really matter about the cross cpu and gpu maker.

R9 280(coming out soon) or the HD 7950(r9 280 is a re-stickering) is around the same.  Its also very close to the 270x

An FX-8320 or 8350 will be much better for streaming.

This is my new build.

Are the case and power supply good enough for the updated build? Any other recommendations besides getting better and more expensive stuff just because? 

Looks alright.  I would perhaps invest in a slightly higher quality power supply, though.

yea with the 8350 you're riding that wire of 100+ the given wattage, but it should be fine... 550-600w PSU wouldn't be a horrible change

the reason for excess on a PSU is 99.9% of PSUs work at maximum efficiency @80% load... well that and you never want to run out of power after a good overclock (why buy any FX series processor if you don't intend to overclock it? it's what they're good at)

If I am upgrading to a 600 watt power supply, there are two offered by Corsair and one has something to do with gaming and the other doesn't, am I better off getting the gaming one or just sticking to the lower priced 600 watt one? The lower priced one also says something about being modular but I don't know if that'll make a difference...  And since overclocking will cause my CPU to run hotter than usual, should I upgrade my CPU cooler or do you think the cheaper one I have listed is fine? 

I think you may be referring to the Corsair CX600M.  If so, that will work fine.

The Hyper 212 will be fine for most mild-medium overclocks.