Need advice on components

Hello. I am currently constructing a PC and wanted some suggestions on the parts I have chosen. I have already acquired some of the components that I will list. I only want part suggestions that are at similar price or cheaper if they are better than the part listed. I have an extreme budget for I am going to a University in a couple of months and will be using this system for gaming as well as coding and programming for my Computer Science classes.

(all parts that have price next to it means I bought it from Newegg at that price already)

  • MSI r9 260x 2gb ($110)
  • Athlon 860k
  • AsRock Fatal1ty FM2A88X+ Killer FM2+
  • Corsair CX 750M ($45)
  • G-Skill Sniper 8gb 1866 ($50)
  • WD Green 2tb ($90)
  • NZXT Source 220
  • Noctua NH-D14

Also, would I need a sound card? And what SSD should I get if I do decide to get one that would just be for Windows?

Thank you in advance and any help would be very much appreciated!

expensive mobo and cooler for low end cpu.

my idea

FX 6350 would make more sense. Get a cheaper cooler you won't hit the thermal wall with either intel or AMD on air unless you've got a really lucky chip. And even then it would be a waste because you went ahead and got a mid range video card that will hold your system back in games. (gtx 750ti, 280x and 290 are more $/performance, followed by gtx 970 and 980, especially with that 750w PSU)

Or an i5 and the cheapest motherboard you can get in your budget.

An 8320 goes for around the price of a 6350.