Need advice on components for build on £400 budget

Okay so im going to be doing a new comp build and I wanted to see whats the best computer I could build with £400 budget. Would appreciate the help and also if you could link the components on Amazon UK please as thats is where I am buying for this build.





intel g630 - 50

any top 3 brand (gigabyte, asus, msi) m/b - h61/h67 - 50

antec 300 - 50

corsair cx430 v2 - 40

kingston 4gbx2 - 30

liteon dvd/cd-rw - 15

hddx2 (recommend 2, boot drive and steam/apps/junk drive) - 80

-- ~300 on the base

gpu: i'd highly recommend second hand, for low res grab a 4870 1gb (~40), higher res look for a gtx 560 (~90/100)

new gpu: 7770


have a look through this too,,review-32506.html

CPU G850

MoBo H61 asrock



PSU  cosair 430v2

HDD 1TB seagate

GPU asus 560Ti

the G6xx cpus can only use 1066 ram, the G8xx cpus can use up to 1333, also its a couple hundred Mhz faster

560 vs 560Ti comparison

4870 vs 560Ti comparsion

7770 vs 560Ti comparison