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Need Advice On A New Monitor


Hello all,

I'm sure this has been asked a lot of times now, I'm looking to buy a new monitor to replace my two 24 inch monitors with my current setup i have to have one monitor in Portrait mode and the other in Landscape mode with the Portrait monitor i finding that my productivity have completely fallen off so i would like to go back to a single monitor setup. The Portrait monitor is really annoying me also i use a Monitor stand

I have been looking at some 32 inch monitors and a 29 inch Ultrawide so my question is should i buy a 32 inch or buy the 29 inch Ultrawide main use will be for gaming but i do watch a lot of YouTube & Twitch, I do like on the LG monitors that they have Screen split

My budget is no higher than $450 Australian, I understand in that price range the choices are not much or is there like a third party Software where you have split the screens i'm not really sure i don't know that much about monitors.




Why tf is that 350?


1080p CRT :U
Because I like CRT's.



Ah no thank you why would i use a monitor that's smaller then the ones i'm using now and plus it's 12 years old monitor seems like you didn't even read what i typed i said i'm using a monitor stand.


He is being half a troll.

CRT monitors are still king for competitive CS:Go players because they have very low input lag and motion blur. Most LCD and LED monitors tend to lag behind a few frames compared to CRTs.

Anyways. I am thinking you might be happy with something like this

You get a slightly higher resolution at your 32 inches.



Yeah i understand that CRT monitors are still king, The ASUS monitor no one local to me has it in stock plus it's $30 over budget and plus i would have to pay at least another $30 for shipping. So i really can't afford it there is AOC & ViewSonic monitors.


This is well underbudget and been a great monitor for me, you can OC to 100hz as well with no issues.


Yeah, I have no experience with AOC, so I can't recommend them in good faith.


That monitor is not really what i'm looking for it's only a 27 inch and plus i can't buy anything from Newegg cause of the shipping.

No problem i don't think i will get the AOC cause it's doesn't have the Vesa Mount where the ViewSonic does.

I think i would prefer getting a 1440p monitor so looks like i might be getting the ViewSonic.