Need advice on a new graphics card

First things first, here's my current computer.

AMD FX-8350
AMD 7950 Crossfire
Bunch of HDD/SSDs

I'm curious what would be a good single GPU that would be as good or better than crossfire 7950s. I'm getting a lot of bugs and frame skipping with crossfire (both cards work 100%) and just want to move back to a single card. Suggestions?

Far as the high end goes, the R9 nano with the recent price drops is probably the best buy, especially if you want to save money with a free-sync display vs a G-sync display, however a 980ti once Overclocked, will beat it out by a fair bit at additional cost for the card itself.

Do you already have a 4k display or something?

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R9 Fury, R9 Nano or 980ti depending on what you want to spent.

I have a 1440p monitor at the moment. I'm thinking maybe it'd be best to wait a few months and check out AMDs new cards.

Well then why not just wait for polaris then? any only use a single 7950? it should be pretty solid for 1440p gaming.

which resolution are you aiming to play?
Edit: ah i see 1440p.

R9-390 or R9-Fury might be a nice step up.
If you could hold out, and wait, then i would recommend that.
Nvidia and AMD will most likely going to release some new gpu´s this year.